The Joy in Serving

I often feel weary, discouraged, and sometimes even bitter at the thought of serving on another Sunday, or at another church event. This isn... Read More

17 Jan 20

Dreams for the Year

‘Dreaming’ is such a loaded word. For you it might be a positive word. You may associate with it aspirations, hopes, and positive outcomes. ... Read More

10 Jan 20

Exciting Times Ahead!

Richard Wightman, senior leader of New Life Church, shares the vision for 2020.... Read More

03 Jan 20

Around the World at Christmas

There are few things more confusing than going around to someone else’s house for Christmas. Suddenly you are presented with a raft of famil... Read More

27 Dec 19

The Christmas Rollercoaster

Christmas is coming and we can’t stop it………. Is that how it feels to you? This Christmas roller-coaster starts in the early autumn, with sho... Read More

22 Dec 19

What is friendship?

According to the magazine Psychology Today friendships are really good for us. Not only do they make us feel good, they play a role in our p... Read More

24 Oct 19

Let’s make a dent in loneliness

Loneliness is not a condition; it is not a disease nor something you are born with, loneliness is a state of mind. While common definitions ... Read More

11 Oct 19

Living with Disappointment

Disappointment hit early in Craig’s life. Here he tells his story of overcoming its impact.... Read More

27 Sep 19

What is communion?

If you’re new to church or to following Jesus it may seem a little strange that every so often we gather on a Sunday morning and drink tiny ... Read More

20 Sep 19

The Fruit Our City Needs

If you have attended a church for any length of time you will no doubt have heard people pray for peace - either for themselves or for other... Read More

16 Aug 19

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We meet Sunday mornings in two locations

Wolverton Mill Site

10:00am, please join us for refreshments after the service

The Ridgeway Centre
Featherstone Road
Wolverton Mill South
Milton Keynes MK12 5TH

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Fox Milne Site

10:45am for refreshments 

World Vision House
Opal Drive
Fox Milne
Milton Keynes MK15 0ZR

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