Being an ‘Andrew’

Over the past 18 months God has been encouraging us to become a church where bold invitation is key to our culture. We have been stepping in... Read More

02 Apr 20

The Next Destination

Why are we seeking to buy another building? And why is prayer vital to the success of this project?  Over the past few years we believe God... Read More

26 Mar 20

Opening the Toolbox of Prayer

How’s your prayer life? Do you struggle to find time to pray? Or perhaps you find yourself praying in the same way every day and, to be hone... Read More

19 Mar 20

Celebrating Inspirational Women

With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday 22nd March, we invite you to join in celebrating some of the inspirational women who are part of New L... Read More

12 Mar 20

Meet the Team - Tim

What is your role at New Life Church? This summer I will have worked for New Life Church for nine years! ... Read More

05 Mar 20

Baptism - what’s the big deal?

For those of you who grew up in a church, whatever kind of church it was, baptism in some form would have been part of your experience.... Read More

28 Feb 20

Prayer Works!

Prayer works. Take it from me, prayer works. That’s it, blog post over. Or is it… So often we find it hard to pray. We’re too tired or too ... Read More

21 Feb 20

Prayer and Fasting - Why Bother?

I was asked to write this blog and thought ‘great I can write about a number of things like why did Eve want to speak to a snake? Or, Isaiah... Read More

14 Feb 20

Taking Action as a Family

In Hebrews 13:16 is say’s we should not forget to do good to others, share with them what we have and that God will be pleased with our sacr... Read More

07 Feb 20

A Church FOR the City

What is Unity Park Station? Founded in 2018, Unity Park Station is an all-year-round service based at The Old Bus Station, Milton Keynes... Read More

30 Jan 20