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Concern for Others: Response to Coronavirus part 2

Tim shares part two of looking at how to respond to the Coronavirus pandemic, our concern for others.

Tim WilliamsTim Williams
15 Mar 20

Antidotes to Fear: Response to Coronavirus part 1

Tim WilliamsTim Williams
15 Mar 20

Seeing Money in the Light of Eternity

Do you struggle to see the fruit of money you've given away or invested in the Kingdom? Lydia helps us to see our money in the light of eternity.

Lydia HallidayLydia Halliday
09 Mar 20

A Better Way to Feel About Money

Do you have a fear that there might not be enough money to go around? Do you want to trust God more in the area of finance? Richard shares his vision for a better way to feel about money and how to handle it well.

Richard WightmanRichard Wightman
01 Mar 20

A Vision for 2020

Rachel Hickson, founder of Heartcry for Change shares with us her vision for Milton Keynes in 2020.

images missingRachel Hickson
23 Feb 20

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Responding to Covid-19

How should we respond to pandemics such as the Corona Virus? Tim shares two timely messages about how we should react and how we can focus on others.

2 Episodes
15 Mar 20 - 15 Mar 20

Treasures in Heaven

We are all given one life to use for God's glory and he blesses us with time, possessions and money to use for his Kingdom. How will you use them?

4 Episodes
09 Feb 20 - 09 Mar 20

Meeting Jesus Through the Book of Matthew

Join us as we look at the gospel of Matthew, the book written by one of Jesus' early followers, detailing his live and teaching.

19 Episodes
08 Sep 19 - 19 Jan 20

Light up Your Christmas and New Year

Light up your Christmas and New Year at New Life Church.⁠ ⁠ Dress the family up in their silliest Christmas jumpers and come along to our Carol Service on the 22nd December 3:30pm and 6:00pm.⁠ ⁠ Come and show off your presents with us at 10:30am on Christmas Day. Our family-friendly service is a great way to start the day with friends and family.⁠ ⁠ Join us from 8:30pm - 12:30pm on New Years Eve for a praise party to celebrate the year that has been and look to 2020.

1 Episodes
15 Dec 19

New Life Church Young Adults

If you were born in the 80s, 90s, or 00s you have seen a lot of change. From the introduction of the iPhone to Netflix and Uber, it has been a transformative period in history. But at the same time, people are twice as likely to say they feel lonely and only 33% say they have someone who cares about them. As a church, we care. We love, because God first loved us and we are committed to building a community of 20s and 30s where everyone feels welcome, loved, and purposed to make a difference in the world. New Life Young Adults is a space where 20s and 30s can come together to worship, activate their faith, and be released into the call God has on their life.

4 Episodes
15 Sep 19 - 11 Dec 19

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