Prayer Points: Personal Reflection

Prayer points for your personal reflection

► Spend some time worshiping - focusing on God

► Invite him to lead your prayer time - what is his prayer assignment for you in this time

► Ask him what it is he would say to you in this time.

As you make prayer a priority this year, begin with God’s nature, not your failure. Focus on His name, more than your needs. Lift up His greatness above your weakness. Focus on connecting with God rather than getting from God.

Alan Scott, author of Scattered Servants

Pray in depth

► This is a session given over to hearing from God more than talking to God. Begin by focusing on him, perhaps by spending some time in silent meditation or using a favourite God-focused worship song

► As a church community part of our vision is to prioritise our prayer lives - learning to go deeper with God. Ask him to teach you something new about prayer. Maybe take a fresh look at the Lord' prayer or ask him to speak to you through one of the psalms.

► Take time to listen to his voice. Have a notebook or journal to hand. What is God saying to you personally. Ask him to give you words of encouragement for others and for the church.

I went on a 24 hour retreat a while ago. On arrival I got out my notebook sat down and asked God to tell me what I should do in the coming weeks. I wanted an action plan from him. However, God had different ideas. He simply told me he loved me. Over and over, that was all he said. I came away from the retreat full of joy and energy. God knew better than I did - I didn't need an action plan, I needed to know that I was his child. Everything else would work out fine.