Prayer Points: Loving Our City

Prayer Points for Loving Our City

► Pray for those in need in our city

► Pray for the lonely

► Pray for the mental health of the city's residents

Overall an estimated 10,900 children are living in poverty. In some areas of Milton Keynes child poverty rates are as high as 32%.

Eight areas of Milton Keynes are labelled as being in the 10% most deprived in the UK. Two are labelled as being in the 2% most deprived.

(Vital Signs, 2020)

Pray in depth

► Homelessness, unemployment and child poverty are all issues in our city. Pray for those in need to be cared for, supported and lifted out of poverty.

► Loneliness has long been recognised as a major problem in our city - amongst both young and old. Pray for the lonely to find community and family in the church.

► Milton Keynes has a number of support services for different ages, such as Age UK, MIND and YiS (counselling for young people). Pray for these services to be well-resourced. Also declare the shalom blessing over the city - health, wholeness, peace, tranquility, etc.

We recently prayed for someone who was facing a difficult challenge in their workplace. Here is their response to this:

"Thank you for the prayers. I was able to make a good progress [with work].

Most importantly, I felt the peace and presence of God in the midst of it and a new sense of purpose. "