Prayer Points: Honouring those who Serve

Pray points for Honouring those who Serve

► Pray for all those who working in the NHS

► Pray for everyone involved in education in Milton Keynes

► Pray for the many support services that contribute to everyday life

I think a hero is any person who is really intent on making this world a better place for all people.

(Maya Angelou)

Pray in depth

► Pray for doctors, nurses and all NHS support staff to know that they are valued and appreciated. Pray for them to have the resources they need, and to know the comfort of the Father when faced with the huge challenges of the pandemic.

►Pray for teachers and all who work in schools to see the difference they make to young lives. May they have wisdom to bring out the best in their students, and people around them to support and encourage them each day.

►Pray that everyone who works behind the scenes in our city will feel needed and known, from those who collect the rubbish from our homes to those dealing with city-wide issues within Milton Keynes Council.