Pray for: Families

Prayer points for Families

► For families to connect with God together

► For the New Life Church family team to help equip parents

► For us to be effective in discipleship in this uncertain time 

God gives us opportunities every day to bring God into what we are doing as a family.  We want to start being more intentional about using these moments to help our children and young people to have a natural relationship with God that is two way. To do this we hope to give parents and guardians the ideas and the confidence to use everyday life situations to talk to their children and young people about God.

Sonya Hackett, Families Leader

Pray in depth

► For families to be able to find ways to connect with God through everyday life. Pray that they will bring about spiritual growth and stir up faith through hearing, seeing, talking and living out faith in a natural way.

► For God to help the New Life team to effectively equip parents with tools, ideas and resources, walking with them as they raise children and young people to love and know God. Pray particularly for Sonya and Anna who are leading in this area.

► For us to be able to find the best ways to connect with the children, young people and families during this time. For God to help us to find new and effective ways to connect. Pray particularly for the 3D youth to be well connected.

God has recently opened the door for Faith to step into leading a new initiative for young people across the city. She is also giving of her time to support Sonya with our 3D youth. God is building new connections between us as a church and many who have a heart for the city's young people. This is an exciting time - leaning in to where he is leading us.