Our Values

Have you ever thought about the guidelines you live your life by? The values you balance your decisions against? 

Mine are wide-ranging, from disagreeing with the use of artificial sweeteners, (I’d rather have the sugar!), to trying to be kind to others.

Values are fundamental beliefs of both people and organisations. They are principles that dictate our behaviours and decisions and that can help us understand the difference between right and wrong. In a company, core values can help determine if it is on the right path to fulfilling organisational goals. They can also be a guide to help those talking publicly about the company. There are many different types of core values in the world, depending on the context.

Culture is fascinating. It’s crazy that values can permeate a whole group of people without their conscious knowledge – behaviours, language, basic beliefs – and make a massive impact without people really realising. Those looking from the outside in can often see the values that hold sway because they are unlike their own. A good friend of mine from Turkey was stunned at the amount of times per day the British people say ‘sorry’. I say it all the time too, and had not noticed the habit! It’s hard to understand for us living it every day, but my friend could see so clearly as it was so different from what he was used to.

Trying to define the values of a culture is the attempt to put a language around the undercurrent that makes us tick. Unpacking values enables us to define and shape the culture that we want to live in. 

As a church, we have been trying to pin-point the undercurrent of the culture we’re trying to create. We want to be intentional about the culture that we develop and live out as a church family. The key part of creating this culture rests on the values we try to live out, if we live by the six values we have, then the culture we want to create will blossom. 

Do check out our blog series on our six values, Honouring, Authentic, Team-Based, Generous, Courageous, and Accepting. One will be released each week so you can get stuck into the core of who we are as New Life Church. So keep an eye out for the first one, and Happy Reading! 

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We meet Sunday mornings in two locations

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Fox Milne Site

10:45am for refreshments 

World Vision House
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