Faithfulness of our Father

My husband and I have been praying to God for a house of our own for a few years now, and each year we add it to our hopes and prayers for that year but it never seemed to happen.

This year we had it on our mind more than ever, even though we could not see a way it would happen practically and financially. We couldn’t agree on a location, both one we liked and one that was affordable, and as summer came around, we had given up hope and thought ‘there we go again, I suppose we’ll add it into our goals for next year!’ And that was that. 

On one particular Sunday a friend came up to my husband, out of the blue and told him that he felt God say that something was coming his way which would be big, that he should grab it with both hands and be quick in his decision to go for it. My husband wondered what this meant but nothing immediate happened.

A few Sundays later, while during the meet and greet time within the service, another friend came up to me and the friend I was sitting with and said, “Ladies, if I should ask you what you would like God to do for you that I can pray with you for, what would you say?” I did not have to even think about it as the desire was so fresh in my heart, straight away I asked him to pray for God’s provision and direction as to the location of, and means to, buy a house. 

He prayed with such authority saying, “Before the end of summer, God will make it happen, with good offers and a good location.” The prayer stayed with me all day and I clung onto it and waited for what God would do.

Shortly after this, on the 18thof August precisely, we visited a building development area in the hope that we could afford something. We saw a house we both liked, in a good location for our kids, and on top of all, they were an affordable price and our offer was accepted! We then paid to reserve the house so in essence got “our names on the plot” before the end of summer! 

The very next day, my husband fell while ice skating and fractured his skull, he was in hospital for several days. As a family, we were in shock and were scared, in the face of all we were dealing with. But we knew that there must be good coming that the enemy was trying to sabotage. We prayed, and my husband recovered quickly.

We had trusted in God this far, but we knew that the mortgage would also have a massive impact on our day to day life. So we made an appointment with our mortgage advisor, and just like the word our friend gave my husband, we “kept going for it!” We applied for the mortgage and waited on God! 

A few weeks after no news from the lenders, we began to worry. We came to church on a particular Sunday when someone at the front shared that she felt God saying he would sort out paperwork for some people. At that moment, I felt strongly in my spirit to stand in faith over that word, with my husband, about our mortgage application. We held hands and believed God for a positive response that week.

It happened! We got a call from the mortgage advisor that week that the mortgage had been agreed!

On the 23rdof November, exactly 3 months and 1 week after we made the reservation, we moved to our brand new house! Our friends were really surprised how quickly it all happened!

God has been so good and so faithful. He was involved in every step of our journey and showed us he was interested in every detail of our lives, even in things we deemed impossible, or insignificant. He used our friends to speak His word into our lives at every point, and held us through wobbles and blocks along the way. God is so good!

Bukky Latinwo 

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