Christians and politics

Some time ago our senior leader Richard Wightman preached on politics and also did a Q&A on a Sunday morning. You can find an audio file of his talk here:

There wasn’t time to answer all the questions so we promised to put them here. 

Please note: we offer these up for discussion and to encourage people to think about politics and both their view and possible opposing views. These views are not an official New Life Church standpoint. Indeed, our leadership team holds diverse and often opposing political views. We do, however, all agree that we have a good Heavenly Father who is for justice and mercy, and we encourage everyone to seek His guidance in all things.

Should a Christian be active / encouraged to vote in various elections?

Yes, we have a calling to be a positive influence in society, including the political world. Some may be called to a very active involvement. Many MPs are Christians. For most of us, it is wise to be informed and to use our votes so our voice is heard.

How do you feel about growing human organs inside pigs?

This is an ethical issue rather than political, and too complex an issue for this blog post. Feel free to debate in the comments.

What is God’s view on Europe?

Does God think the European Union is a good thing? We think God is pro-unity in general, but no political entity is perfect because it is made up of humans. The peace that has resulted is good, but there are other things that we doubt God would approve it.

What is your view on leaving or staying in Europe?

Our senior leadership team was evening split – two for, two against. This is not surprising given that the general population – at least those who voted – were quite closely split. 48%:52%. As for what impact leaving will have post-Brexit, time will tell.

What party would Jesus belong to?

We think He may have been a floating voter, seeking God’s will at the time.

How do we know who to trust, especially given all the selective reporting?

Wisdom is a gift of the Holy Spirit. As with all things we can ask for a supernatural revelation of truth.

How do we weigh up the idealism of a political system (e.g. Communism) versus the reality of how it operates?

As in all things, the way something operates comes down to the ambitions and heart of those in power. Sadly ideals are often corrupted along the way.

Should we vote for the ungodly to rule and manage our affairs?

Voting for the politician with the most Godly wisdom would be a good option. We have all fallen short of the glory of God, and God can also use those who do not have a personal relationship with Him to bring about His will. The world is complicated!

Does God still support Israel?

This is really a question of how to interpret certain prophecies, and there are many wide-ranging views on that! For the purpose of this blog we will point to Ephesians 3: 28: There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

We hope this blog post is useful. Feel free to debate in the comments, but please be respectively of opposing views and be honouring of one another.

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