Authentic and courageous

Here at New Life Church we have learnt to be intentional about certain key things. Having a set of clearly defined values that we aim to live by and model falls into that category. This is the second of three blog posts that focuses on our values and attempts to answer some questions about them. Why did we choose our set of six specific values? How do we try to model them? How do our value icons communicate them visually?

Authentic icon


Authenticity is vital because it brings freedom. We aim to be real and honest with one another, but also with ourselves on a personal level. It is only when we truly understand who we are and the effect of our personal histories that we can be truly authentic.

Freedom comes because when we are authentic with one another there is no room for shame or guilt to steal things from our lives. None of us are perfect, but thanks to Jesus all our wrongdoings have been dealt with on the cross. 

The hole at the centre of the icon for authenticity reflects that idea that truly authentic people are transparent to others.The edges are deliberately ragged to symbolise that we are not perfect.




One of the most common instructions in the Bible is to not be afraid. Fear not! Courage is crucial if we are to be genuinely Spirit-led, guided by God to reach out to those who do not yet have a relationship with Him. There are many examples of people in the Bible responding to God with courage. Mary, for example, was willing to risk everything when she agreed to serve God by becoming the mother of Jesus. We too are called to be courageous in serving Him.

It is courage that enables kingdom breakthrough here on Earth. When we truly trust God and step into things that require more than our own strength and resources then He can do far more than we can imagine.

The spiral of the courageous icon reflects the fact that courage is infectious. If one person does something courageous then it has a ripple effect, and encourages others to also be courageous.



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