Acceptance - A Place at the Table

We all experience rejection in life. One of my earliest memories of school was rejection by my classmates for being too good at maths. They ... Read More

22 Jun 19

Your Mind: A Powerful Tool

The mind is our most powerful tool. It literally has the power to control the way we feel, the way we act and what we do.... Read More

24 May 19

Teamwork Builds Better

Our church is a large church, so we have to work together in order to raise children – both physical and spiritual – into maturity. Team is... Read More

03 May 19

Authentic: Speaking the Truth in Love

Being authentic is very tricky in British culture. We tend to shy away from confrontation and answer a lot of questions with ‘I’m fine’ even... Read More

19 Apr 19

Why Celebrate Easter?

When asked about what Easter means to them, most people nowadays would reply...... Read More

12 Apr 19

Living with Honour

If you have been around the Christian scene in the past few years, chances are you have heard of ‘culture of honour’ or something similar.... Read More

05 Apr 19

Generosity: It’s more than splashing cash

Generosity is often thought of as a basic value of Christian life and something that is well understood. But what does it really mean to be ... Read More

22 Mar 19

Finding the Courage to Mention the G-word!

Do you find it easy to strike up a conversation and start talking about Jesus? ... Read More

08 Mar 19

Faithfulness of our Father

A testimony of the power of prayer and faithfulness of our Father!... Read More

01 Mar 19

Our Values

Have you ever thought about the guidelines you live your life by? The values you balance your decisions against? ... Read More

22 Feb 19

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We meet Sunday mornings in two locations

Wolverton Mill Site

10:00am, please join us for refreshments after the service

The Ridgeway Centre
Featherstone Road
Wolverton Mill South
Milton Keynes MK12 5TH

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Fox Milne Site

10:45am for refreshments 

World Vision House
Opal Drive
Fox Milne
Milton Keynes MK15 0ZR

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